My Journey

My story with this amazing all natural weight loss and health improvement system began in April 2017. I am a mom of an active little baby girl. Post pregnancy, I had about 20lbs pounds and quite a few inches that stuck around after birth that I tried to lose unsuccessfully for 7 months. My best friend Danielle who started on the Blue Box in October 2017 lost 25lbs in her first month and kept it off. Then she lost another 12lbs in the 2nd month (whole 37lbs in 2 months AmaXyng!) and to this date she has kept it off.

Turning point for me was the moment I started getting ready for our vacation in May. I sadly found out that most of my clothes did not fit. I sat on the bed and I cried, I really did! So I decided to give the Red Box/ Blue Box system a try. After all I had nothing but weight to lose with the 100% money back guarantee that Xyngular offers all new customers.

I ordered my Ignite Kit in April and after ONLY 8 days of detox I lost 8 lbs and 12 inches. The energy I gained was AMAZING. I no longer need to nap every morning when my baby napped. I am happier, more focused, full of energy mom and wife. I also noticed that my nagging neck and back pain was subsiding and my periods became virtually cramps free. The post-partum anxiety simply went away. These health improvements were definitely an added bonus to the weight I lost.

I am going strong and continuing the journey. I can not wait to see what other health improvements will come my way. My husband noticed the difference right away and signed up for the Blue Box package right away. I can not wait to see his results, he is already “borrowing” my supplements until his box arrives.

The Red Box products have literally given me a new way of life: free from chronic fatigue, free from mental fog, no more anxiety and I am full of energy and enjoying my significantly slimmer swim suit ready body!

What are you waiting for? EVERYONE GETS RESULTS on this program. Contact me or order directly through my distributor web site. What do you have to lose? Only pounds and inches! With the 30 day 100% Money back guarantee you don’t risk anything.

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These natural products are GMO and animal testing free, they change lives every day and I can not resist but share these with everyone in hopes of helping others reach their goals.